Eleni Kamma
Enlever et entretenir V
Enlever et Entretenir V
Site-specific installation in the garden of the French School in Athens consisting of four vitrines, books, natural and cultural objects, tools, dimensions variable. Commissioned by NEON Organization for Culture and Development D.Daskalopoulos. International group exhibition Terrapolis, co-curator Iwona Blazwick, Whitechapel Gallery and NEO
Enlever et entretenir V
Enlever et entretenir V fotos: Natalia Tsoukala
During her 1-year residency at Wiels, Eleni Kamma finalized and published the book Enlever et Entretenir, that formed the starting point of her eponymous exhibition in the Project Room. Enlever et Entretenir is an exhibition format based on the material in the book, which acts as a kind of generator. Each time the work is presented, it takes a different number and is not made up of only fragments and re-interpretations of the book but builds up new narratives inspired by the specific exhibition context.
Enlever et entretenir II
Solo exhibition: Enlever et Entretenir II
Installation view, WIELS Project Room, Brussels, 2011

Enlever et entretenir V
Enlever et entretenir V
Enlever et entretenir V fotos: Marc Wathieu