Eleni Kamma
Once past the years of green emotion
Once past the years of green emotion, 2007
The Gardens of Green Emotion are the projection of a certain internal representation: they are, therefore, the projection of a certain situation. Strangely enough, the psychosomatic experience contained in these drawings seems to have already lain inside us, to have made part of our experiences even before we encounter the drawings themselves. In this case, seeing is remembering. Drawing here is not confined to being a token of the condition of representation, but rather returns as a form of “heterotopia”.

This excerpt is from a larger text written by Yorgos Tzirtzilakis entitled The Secret of Green Hill. The text was published in the catalogue for Eleni Kamma’s solo show at gallery LORAINI ALIMANTIRI / gazonrouge. The catalogue is entitled Eleni Kamma: Once Past The Years of Green Emotion, 2007, publisher gazonrouge, ISBN 978-960-6654-47-3.